Welcome to the website of the Rhineland-Palatinate Centre of Excellence for Climate Change Impacts

Climate change is not only important on a global or continental scale; it is also significant and measurable in Rhineland-Palatinate. The impact of this global phenomenon on different fields such as nature, landscape, economy or health will, however, vary on a regional scale. As a consequence, adaptation measures to the unavoidable climate change have to fit to regional characteristics.

The Environment Ministry inaugurated the “Rhineland-Palatinate Competence Centre for Climate Change Impacts”, located at the “Research Institute for Forest Ecology and Forestry (FAWF)” in Trippstadt on 1st September 2010. It is an institute caring for transparency, information and consultancy concerning the consequences of climate change in Rhineland-Palatinate by addressing the public as well as scientists, politicians and decision-makers. The Competence Centre coordinates and conducts research projects, edits data and findings, and formulates proposals for necessary adaptation measures to climate change.


Gerneral tasks

The main tasks of the Competence Centre are:

  • to link research, monitoring and other activities in the field of climate change in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • to conduct and coordinate own research projects (see also KlimLandRP)
  • to develop regional adaptation measures; e.g., for agriculture, forestry, nature conservation, socio-economy, health, etc. 
  • to establish a network with universities, state and federal state institutes, associations, economy, etc.
  • and to present the results in reports and information events